Nebraska Lions

MD 38

 Alliance Lions Club's Annual Lottery Donations:

·       A-Dog: Lorie Reeh ($1,500 to improve entrance to Dog Park)
·       Habitat for Humanity: Harold Roller, Fr. Bill Graham, John Zochol ($2,000 for a laser level)
·       Human Services: Colleen Hood, Nina Benjamin ($900 for security cameras)
·       Lutheran School: Rev. Martin Schnare ($1,300 for tumbling mats)
·       Save the Track: Fr. Bill Graham, Sarah Glesinger, Steve Nelson ($5,000 for the Track)
·       Spartans Baseball: Connor Blumenthal, Marty Dean, Chase King ($1,500 for equipment)
High School Seniors each received a $500 Lion’s college scholarship.
·       Taeller Ansley
·       Maggie Otto
·       Shelby Shrewsbury
·       Connor Blumenthal
·       Cole Walters
This year’s Lion’s Lottery give-away amount was $17,000 awarded to 30 individual ticket owners.   Dan was the Lion’s Lottery grand prize winner of $5,000.  Woohoo!     

past District Governor-1992
Alan Danbom

past District Governor-2004
Bill Graham

# 13239
Chartered: April 26, 1961
Every Wednesday
Noon MT


The Korner Grill
1203 W 3rd St

Officers 2018-19
Vickie Hielscher

Harold Roller

Alliance Lions Club

Kevin Wilkinson