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Scottsbluff Gering Lions Club Donates $500 to Start Braille Collection at Lied Library

Most people who read books rely on one thing to go cover to cover – sight.

But until last month, visually impaired people did not have a way to read books at the Lied Scottsbluff Public Library.

Librarian Abby Yellman (SB Gering Lions Club Member) tells KNEB News that last summer, ESU 13’s vision specialist Barb Pageler reached out to the library for help. Pageler said that resources were limited, and wanted to see if the library could do anything to help acquire braille books for visually impaired students.

“I contacted Lions Club because that’s their mission is to help kids that have any kind of sight impairment,” explains Yellman. “So Lions Club was very generous and donated $500 to our foundation. We then turned around and took that money and bought 35 copies of braille books;  different ones, from picture books to novels.”

Yellman says the Lied Scottsbluff Public Library has never had a collection of braille books before, so it’s a new service it can provide to the community.

“We just really appreciate the community partnerships,” adds Yellman. “Not only with the schools coming to us and needing resources (because we do like to fill that need for them); but also Lions Club for coming through to help us fund this so we were able to do this.”

The braille books can be found in the Children’s Section at the Lied Scottsbluff Public Library.