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2nd Vice District Governors

District L - Steve steward 
District I - Wayne Hinerman
District O - Vacant
District N - Vacant 

District Governors 2015-16

DG Brad Keller, DG Pam Maynard, DG Bob Arp, DG David Wentworth

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1st Vice District Governors

Vice Council Chair - Chris Gentry
District L - TBA 
District I - David Collins
District O - Marilyn Epperson
District N - Mavis Hall 


It was the eve of destruction

And all through the land

It seems everyone is pointing

At each other with their hand

It is time for someone to step up

You might say shoulder the blame

Unite all of our citizens

And eliminate our shame

I’m home from a meeting

Nothing major this time

But we solve our community problems

With Lionism just fine

Do we need a large man

Dressed in purple and yellow

To travel over this land

“Do It With Lionism” he could bellow

When our club sees a problem

It is easy you see

We just all get together

It’s not just you or me

It’s a mixture of Lions

No parties defined

A solution is found

And no one is fined

A project is set

And committees are made

No new taxes are raised

But the groundwork is laid

We all work as a club

All for one in the end

When the project is over

Our benefactor will win

It is such a great feeling

To know each Lion can

Take pride in their club

And help their fellow man.

John Frates (Brule Lions Club)

January 2014

Council of Governors

Council Chair
Jay Merten

District Governor - L
Brad Keller

District Governor - I
Pam Maynard

District Governor - O
Bob Arp

District Governor - N
David Wentworth
We Serve

Nebraska Lions MD 38