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Peace Poster


Lion Roxanne Chandler

MD38 Peace Poster chair


It's time for a new Peace Poster/Essay contest year. The kits go on sale through October 1st; the cost of the kit is $11.95 and can be ordered from LCI. Go to for more information

  • January 15: Kits go on sale from the Club Supplies Sales Department at International Headquarters.

  • October 1: Deadline to purchase kits from the Club Supplies Sales Department at International Headquarters (Don't wait that long to order!!)

  • November 15: Postmark deadline for a club to send one winning poster (per contest sponsored) to the district governor.



Remember you only need 1 kit per group not one for each child.

Theme this year:    LEAD WITH COMPASSION

Remember any organized group can participate as long as there is not a Leo in the group or is not sponsored by a Lions club in spirit or financially. Age for the kids is 11-13 years old.

Start now, start early. The more kids we involve, the more chances of giving a child a positive outlet for their emotions, also the great pontinal of future Lions.

Please remember if you would like me to come present about the program and the rules just let me know.

Thank You


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