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Hearing - NLF

Committee Chair
Idajane Martinez
The Committee
PDG Bob Arp

Vanessa Bolln

PDG Dee Micheel

PCC Randy Ritterbush


Hearing 2
To apply for a hearing aid visit 
Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Application steps are on that website.


In 2012, NLF moved their Hearing Bank form Joyce Sharp at UNMC to Stacie L. Ray at Barkley Memorial Center at University of Nebraska- Lincoln.  In making this move it put all the hearing banks in Nebraska in one place.  Stacie Ray is the Nebraska Hearing Aid Banks, Program Administrator.  The Hearing Banks under this administrator are: Lincoln Sertoma, The Nebraska Lions Foundation, and HearU Nebraska.  This move makes it easier to serve the non-hearing population.


There is great communication between the banks.  Applications are shared with other banks to best serve the applicant.


In September 2012, NLF signed a contract with the Barkley Center.  The NLF agreed to pay $3500 annually to the University.  Graduate students manage the inventory to better match needs.  This actually saves money by not having to buy hearing aids because we did not know our own inventory of donated aids.


The Hearing Committee supports the Nebraska Becoming an outdoor family program.  They have a camp for hearing impaired children and their families.  It is held the first weekend in May.


There are 34 million people in the US with hearing loss.  3/1000 are born with hearing loss.


Lions collect ‘inside the ear’ and ‘outside the ear’ hearing aids.  All styles and conditions are accepted.  A tax deduction letter will be sent to the donor if name and address are provided.  Send them to the Barkley Center or to the Hearing Committee Chair (listed above).


The Lions Hearing Bank provides refurbished monaural and binaural BTE aids to individuals 19-64.  See for Banks providing to others.


Ear molds are dispensed through the provider and should be billed to the patient.  Under special circumstances if funds allow - the Hearing Committee may pay for the aids.

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